Request for Course Withdrawal

Use this form to request withdrawal from one or more courses after the first two weeks of the term. Any master-level or diploma student needing to withdraw from one or more classes should communicate the intent to withdraw with his or her instructor(s) and obtain documentation of the instructor’s awareness of the student’s plans. The student should also complete the request for course withdrawal form and then submit the documentation to the Registrar. During the third or fourth week of the term, a student may withdraw passing (WP) or withdraw failing (WF), based upon the instructor’s evaluation of the student’s work. After four weeks a student may withdraw failing (WF). A student who considered withdrawing after the fourth week may be given the option to request an Incomplete grade (I) and may be allowed up to an additional four weeks beyond the end of the term to complete the course. An Incomplete is given only for extenuating circumstances and only upon the approval of the instructor. A Request for Incomplete Grade form must be submitted by the student and approved by the instructor before the Incomplete will be assigned (review the Incomplete grade policy for additional information). If the course is not completed by the deadline specified by the instructor, the student may request an extension of up to 60 days. If the student fails to finish course requirements by the extension deadline granted by the instructor, the incomplete automatically becomes a failing grade (F).