Incomplete Grade Request

Use this form to request an Incomplete (I) for a course during the current term. An Incomplete indicates that the work required for the course was not completed. It is given only when special extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control (such as illness, death of a family member, etc.) prevent the student from completing the work or taking the exam. A request for an incomplete grade must be submitted to the instructor teaching the course prior to the due date of the work concerned. The instructor and student should agree upon and document what work must be completed. The instructor will specify a deadline of up to four weeks beyond the end of the term, by which time the student’s work must be completed in order for the “I” to be removed. To obtain an acceptable grade in the course, the student must complete all requirements specified by the instructor by the deadline indicated. An “I” must be removed within the time granted by the instructor; otherwise it will be changed to an “F”. Under very unusual circumstances, a student may request an extension of the incomplete grade by making arrangements with the instructor and completing the appropriate documentation. The instructor may extend an “I” for a maximum of 60 days.