Administrative Forms


Note that the completion of a form does not automatically guarantee that your request will be granted. You will be notified when a decision regarding your request has been made.

Application for Graduation

Application for Graduation

Grievance Submission

Use this form to file a formal complaint related to an instructor or other Carroll Institute personnel after attempts to settle the issue personally have not provided resolution.

Request for Advanced Standing Degree Options

Carroll Institute offers Advanced Standing options for the Master of Divinity, the Master of Arts in Christian Education, the Master of Arts in Worship, and the Master of Arts in Counseling. These programs are available to qualified students who have significant preparation in biblical, theological, or applied Christian studies at the bachelor's level.

Request for Change of Degree (Master's Programs)

Use this form to request a change from one master’s degree program to another.

Request for Course Addition

Use this form to add a course after registration for the current academic term has officially closed.

Request for Course Drop

Use this form to request to drop one or more courses – up to two weeks into the current academic term.

Request for Course Substitution

Use this form to request a course substitution for your degree requirements.

Request for Grade Change

Use this form to appeal a grade and request a grade change. A student has up to one year from the close of the term in question to request a grade change.

Request for Incomplete Grade

Use this form to request an Incomplete (I) for a course during the current term.

Request for Incomplete Grade Extension

Use this form to request an extension of an "Incomplete" grade.

Request for Readmission

Use this form to apply for readmission to Carroll Institute. This form is used for an individual who has not been enrolled as a student for a year or longer.

Request for Total Withdrawal

Use this form to withdraw from Carroll Institute.

Request for Transcript

Use this form to request copies of your official Carroll Institute academic record.

Request for Transcript Evaluation (for Transfer of Credit)

Use this form to request a transcript evaluation for consideration of transfer credit to your program of study at Carroll Institute.